it’d be so nice to have many lives, to be able to live out every possibility

does anyone have any good short stories to recommend? please and thank you 

i had a cold + strep throat over the weekend so what do i do?? stay out in the cold and rain with my feet soaked and smoke a whole joint (twicee

I HAVE HIT rock bottom but on the plus side im high 

i did the sex thing with a guy yesterday 

i need to go to buenos aires right now

contest to see who can find my new ear piercing 
hint: its red

im changing majors to geology

im high
i was with a girl from work i liked it was TOO. weird she is só strange

andrew is so cute and nice and REALLY cool and it’s so weird cos like we have known each other for like 5 years and were like internet friends even though we were irl friends first idk that sounds stupid but like the evolution of our friendship was kinda weird (in a good way) maybe im crazy anyway im really glad were friends and stuff 

sad bb

i cut my bangs they look really bad and it has literally crushed my self esteem lmao