like this if u want a pic of me in cute underwear lmao 

i hope you're doing well!! my life is empty w.o. your banging outfit updates

this is rly sweet u_u hugs 

im just slightly gay

how is everyone 

give me updates im so out of the loop

me existing on the blogosphere

im still here

even weirder 

me on tumblr 


it’d be so nice to have many lives, to be able to live out every possibility

does anyone have any good short stories to recommend? please and thank you 

i had a cold + strep throat over the weekend so what do i do?? stay out in the cold and rain with my feet soaked and smoke a whole joint (twicee

I HAVE HIT rock bottom but on the plus side im high 

i did the sex thing with a guy yesterday 

i need to go to buenos aires right now