my 8 yr old brother said “im getting old” and i was like why do u say and he said “cos my balls are starting to get wrinkly” 

oh my god “triko tri” just hit my like a tsunami of childhood memories 

what if my anthropology teacher lara and i date 

holy shit 

she is way too tall for me 

cistopia said: i was thinking of nge 

ahh tru 

you can also think abt madoka magica cos entropy

but i was just thinking abt normal thermodynamics in general cos nothing gets me going like thinking abt heat transfer (this is not a joke just think abt like opening your freezer and stuff, that shit is beautiful)

the point of the thermodynamics post is that everyone loves thermodynamics 

i got outta bed to watch the new episode of faking it but there is no link yet i am sad and have horrible taste in tv shows but thats a whole other issue

what if i just made a post that said “thermodynamics ” every day 

holy shit my anthropology teacher lara asked me to go out drinking with her did i die n go to heaven?

mermaid princess
feed me ur buoys 
ba dum tsss

i just found an anthropology teacher from a year ago (who doesn’t have a facebook) who i had a huge crush on, on okcupid

;) y e s 


obsessively picking at my skin is undoubtedly my number one FAVORITE activity on the planet

i just saw the word “deportation” on my dash and i realized holy shit i haven’t thought about deportation in a LONG time which is weird cos that was such a huge part of most of my life

anyway not living in fear of deportation is really cool 10/10 i recommend it to everyone 

~*~*~*~**~* ~*~**~